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Millefiori Trade Beads

Millefiori beads have been treasured by the African people from far before the colonial period. Millefiori, literally meaning ‘a thousand flowers’, beads are also known as Mosaic trade beads from ancient time throughout the world. Millefiori trade beads are one

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Fulani African Trade Beads and Funeral Beads

Fulani Funeral Beads Fulani trade beads are a particular type of glass beads probably made in Bohemia (which is modern day Slovakia and the Czech Republic) in the late 1800s or early 1900s and were traded to the Fulani Tribe

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Prosser Trade Beads

Prosser beads are African trade beads named after the Prosser brothers. The brothers invented a button making machine in the 1830′s, and started to make beads around 1840. By the 1860′s all beads were being made in England using that

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From Germany to Mali: Dogon Donut Beads

Dogon Beads originate from Holland in the 1800′s. Other sources cite that the beads were also crafted in Germany in the second half of the century. They were originally used in formal gardens to create mosaics as opposed to flowers.

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Ghana Recycled Powder Glass Beads

Powder glass beads are not typically considered African trade beads, even though some may call them that, but I have a great fascination with them so I figured I would write a bit about them. Ghana is known to be

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African Kiffa Trade Beads are Hard to Find

Created in the town of Kiffa located in Mauritanian Sahara Africa, these beads are a rare and beautiful example of the skilled artwork from the women who live there. Having being produced from over 100 years ago, these african trade

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African Don Don Sole Beads from Mali

Don Don Sole beads are colorful African trade beads originally from Czechoslovakia. They are made from glass, and are also known as Mali wedding beads because they are given to a Mali bride on her wedding day.

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Old French Cross beads from the African trade

French cross beads are Venetian-made glass trade beads that come from Africa. Venice bead makers began making these beautiful beads in the late 19th century, and Africans quickly began using them for trade. Beginning in the 20th century, bead enthusiasts

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